Brunch Look: Kimono Edition

Brief History of the "Kimono"

A Kimono is a Japanese article of clothing and it has been around for over one thousand years ago.

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I started wearing kimonos a few summers back for two reasons. One reason is because I wanted to wear shirts with no sleeves, but did not want to wear my arms out. The other reason was because sometimes I had really simple looks and I felt that I needed to add something extra to them.

Now, I wear Kimonos so much that my friends joke and call me "Kimono Ki". I have found that there are so many dope ways to wear a kimono and that they can really bring a look together. I wear them as bathing suit cover ups, with dresses, skirts, jeans, and more.

I am 5'10 and plus size so finding the right kimono can be a task. I am not really a fan of the waste length kimonos and I would rather have one that come to my ankle. However, that is often a challenge and if I do, it is usually boring. Boring is not really my thing because the kimono is suppose to be my signature piece. I am more of a prints, colorful, and all around stand-out kind of girl.

Thank God after a brief conversation in the hair salon a few month ago, I was made aware of a young lady from the Philadelphia area. Since this day, my kimono game has never been the same. She finds the dopest colors/prints for the kimonos and she makes them according to your height and size. Not only that, but her prices are amazing.

The name of the black owned company that I have recently started supporting is "This Kimono Aint No Joke". The company was created by @PrettyLilChinaDoll. Make sure that you follow her pages and support her company. She also has used her love for fashion to give back to the community. You can't read more about her events on her pages.


Below are some pictures of how one of her kimonos transformed a simple brunch look. I decided to wear a pair of wide leg blue jeans, a high-low button up white shirt, and a pair of sunglasses that I purchased at my local Ashley Stewart. I added her kimono, some yellow statement earrings and a yellow purse from Rainbow . I did not want to wear heels so I finished the look off with some fringe sandals from Aldo and a waist belt from Ashley Stewart. The kimono and earrings really ended up bringing a simple white button up and blue jean look to life.

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