Glow Get Your Blessing: Glow Black Girl Portrait Mixer

Heyyyy Yall!!!!

I had so many thoughts, feelings, emotions, and I needed a moment to gather myself.

So I made it a point to do more networking this year. I decided that I am willing to sacrifice a day off of work, call out of work, spend some money, and even go to events alone.

Saturday February 1st was my first test. I saw Taylor Baldwin (@mama.photog) post about her Glow Black Girl (@glowblckgirl) Portrait Mixer a few months ago and I KNEW I had to attend. I didn't know anybody else who wanted to go, I didn't know where it would be, what I would wear, or exactly what the event would be like. I just had a feeling that it would be a great event. At the same time that I had looked at the event, I was also telling my mom and sisters what I wanted for Christmas. I added that I wanted a ticket to the mixer and the link for them to buy it.

Christmas day rolls around and I opened all of my gifts. My mom turns to me and begins to explain that my last gift was suppose to be a ticket to the event but it was sold it. She went on to say that she emailed Taylor about a ticket and she hopes to still be able to get me one. To make a long story short, Taylor was so kind to message her back and make sure that I was able to get a ticket to the event. HYPE is a understatement because I was so excited about the mixer. I was so sure that this was further confirmation that I needed to attend this event.

Fast forward to February 1st and all I can say is, I am so glad that I was able to witness this amazing event. From the moment that I walked in the room until the moment that I exited, I just loved every minute of the experience.

The event started with portraits by @mama.photog and all of the portraits turned out absolutely beautiful. (You can see them below). During and after the portraits we had Cocktails + Convos. During this time we mixed and mingled with the ladies in the room. We went straight into a conversation led by the host Dominique (@blkdiamondsngems). First we went around the room and gave compliments to other women in the room. It was so beautiful to see black women uplifting each other. During this time, we got to know about our host and we got to know a lot more about Taylor. The Q + A included some laughs, tears, and was just a true black girl magic moment. The event ended with mixing, mingling, twerking, and boomerangs. Our girl Dajah (@sip_lightly) had the cocktails flowing and we had the conversations going.

The highlight of the event was when we created the circle and took time jumping in the middle. When you got in the middle, you told a little bit about who you were and what you did. This moment was amazing because it was just another reminder that we are BLACK GIRL MAGIC. All of the women were doing so many amazing things and the energy of the entire room was like no room that I have ever been in. I connected with so many amazing women and I left in such a great mood. I tried to tell other people about the event but all I kept saying was you had to be there. I am grateful for all of the connections and I look forward to collaborating with these ladies in the near future. Collaboration over Competition is the motto that I live by.

I say all this to say, do not let fear hold you back this year. Even if you have to go alone, make sure you get out and connect with some new people. I want all of my black women to know that it is enough room out here for all of us. We don't have to step on each other to accomplish anything, just stay in your lane and run your own race. I hope to see you all at the next mixer. Be sure to follow @glowblckgirl and stay up to date on future events. Don't forget to check out all of the amazing portraits below and I also shared my outfit details.

Share one of your best black girl magic memories and one of your goals for 2020 below.

Outfit Details:

Feelings Sweatshirt:

Sequin Jumpsuit:



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